Helping Businesses With Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts

We love Helping Businesses With Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts (Social Media Marketing) so they are able to do what they do best, run their business.

We love Helping Businesses With Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts (Social Media Marketing) so they are able to do what they do best, run their business.

Every business should be on Twitter. The first step is simply to create a Twitter account for your business, and it’s pretty easy from there on out. Find new customers. Boost sales. Facebook can help you meet your business goals. Based on their location, age and more, we can introduce you to the people who’ll love your business.

Twitter1Over a billion people use Facebook and Twitter to connect to their customers directly using social media. Based on your customers location, age and more, we can help introduce you to the people who’ll love your business.

Your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. It’s the entry point for your audience on Twitter, so it’s important to invest the time in getting it right. Learn how to to set up a Twitter business page to drive potential customers to your profile.

Every element of your profile like your photo, header bio and pinned Tweet, should reflect your business identity and personality. Use them to showcase your best content.

Here are the prices we charge for Social Media Marketing For Small And Large Businesses.

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Google Places is now Google My Business

Google Announces: Google Places changed to Google My Business

Their slogan? Let the world know who you are.
New – Google My Business
Google Places for Business has now changed yet again to Google My Business. They claim it makes it easier to connect with customers and make a name for “YOUR BUSINESS” to be found easily online.

Tips for successful Google My Business sharing:

Keep your content fresh and public

Share what’s new with your business, important updates from your community and more.

Post exclusive events and deals

Promote special offers and big sales events and ensure great turnouts with Google+ events.

Share beautiful, high-quality photos

Pick up your smartphone or camera and take photos of your window display and your best selling products.

Record a behind-the-scenes tour

Use Hangouts on Air from your laptop to broadcast a video recording of your business or your team in action.

And most important! Respond to your customers

Think of your posts as a dialogue. Respond to comments and follow your followers back.

So, you think it Looks Complicated? Well, It Is!

We offer a unique local business listing service that provides years of experience in setting up a local business listings on Google My Business.
There is 100 ways to set this up. But knowing the right way is the key to any successful marketing campaign.
Let us help you set this up for $99.00. The Google My Business process takes about 48 hrs to complete.
Contact us today to learn more! And Make it easier for customers to get in touch!

Example Google+ Local Pages Listing of a beach resort in the Philippines:

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Cheap Website Design for $150? BEWARE!

If your looking for a Cheap Website to get Designed. Here are some things to BEWARE of! Here is what you dont know and need to know ! Tips on making the right choice when hiring a web designer.

I have seen this all over the web: Cheap Website Design for only $150? BEWARE! Here is what you dont know!

Cheap Website Design
First off i just want to ask a question. Who buys a Corvette and puts cheap $10 tires on it? The same people that have sunk 100s of thousands or even millions of dollars into their business and then turns around and pay a $150 for a dysfunctional website to promote it. It just doesn’t make sense right?

Remember, you get what you pay for! If it sounds too good to be true then, it probably is!

We have all heard this before and some stick to it, some dont. The ones who dont are usually hiring someone else in a year or so, like a real webmaster to do the job right!
I have had many clients say, “Oh your just too expensive” I can get a website for $150 from my friend. These are the people that come back in a year and say “My website is not doing any sales” do you know why? Because you paid for a cheap website and that’s what you got. That’s when they pay me to fix it and do it right. But they have gone a whole year and probably lost allot more money then if they would have done it right the first time.

Cheap websites just dont make money!

Again, after pouring all that money into your business, the last thing you want to do is have a “Cheap Looking” on-line presence. Or none at all (most cheap web design companies will charge extra for every little thing..this is called “Nickle and Diming You To Death!”)

Most people that run a business want to get it done the right way the first time, pay 1 fee and let the designer/webmaster take care of everything!

Outsourcing? To Where and to Who?

Web design work being outsourced to unknown sources? So what your saying is; you will charge me and send all my information to someone else i dont know to do the work?
BEWARE of this! When seeing the word “Cheap outsourced web design” now your going through 3 different people…i have 1 word for this: NIGHTMARE!

I hope this has helped clear up some misconceptions about Cheap Website Design for $150? and i hope you will BEWARE next time!

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7 Trends In Business Marketing for 2014

A quick review of the top 7 trends in Business Marketing for 2014 – Go From Zero To Hero!

Search Queries from Google Trends
business marketing 2014
As far as marketing goes, Google trends is the best place to go to get information about Business marketing.
There is a slew of great information that can be obtained with a simple query to Google trends.

Here are the 7 Trends In Business Marketing for 2014

#1 – marketing jobs
Everyone is looking for marketing jobs in the USA, This is not surprising because people know that marketing jobs pay very well.

#2 – business marketing
Here is a surprising trend! More and more Businesses in the USA are looking for marketing and are starting to “Wake Up” and realize they can make a ton on money on the internet by hiring a professional marketing firm to get the word out about their business, services, products and specials.

#3 – online marketing
Well we all know what this is….well not all of us. Some people are still handing out flyers and using newspapers to advertise. Out thoughts on this: Save a tree, open up a website!

#4 – marketing plan
Here is one of the most important things to remember as a company large or small! Have a marketing plan. If your new to the internet then the learning curve can get pretty daunting and time consuming. Hire a Professional Internet marketing company to handle he dirty work so you can better serve the added customers you will get with the services provided by the company you hire to market you on-line and in social networks.

#5 – what is marketing
This is an excellent question and this is answered right here in this website.

#6 – marketing company
That’s what we are and what we do, we are a Marketing company that can dramatically increase your sales withing 30 days or less, without the need to pay Google for ad-words advertising which STOPS when you stop paying Google!

#7 – email marketing
We call the the “Last Resort” marketing solution and for good reason. No one likes SPAM and we dont even think about this an option for 2014.
But for opt in email campaigns that can offer a powerful marketing strategy we do know this “Opt-In email marketing” a plausible marketing campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Start up a marketing plan for 2014 that will bring in more business! With 17 years of experience, you cant go wrong with hiring us to handle your online marketing and web design!

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Business Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Business Marketing to Increase Your Sales! We Market For Your Business. So call us today, we can help make sense of Business Marketing to Increase Your Sales.

Wanting more traffic is great! Making more sales is even better.

Learn how we can take your online Business Marketing to the next level!
Business Marketing to Increase Your Sales
Increase Your Sales, and most importantly your ROI (Return On Investment).
Here are some examples of how Business Marketing can seriously Increase Your Sales.

A Great Example of Business Marketing to Increase Your Sales:
Jim owns a business and he sells a product called a whatever. The whatever sells for $50 each but Jim has to spend $10 to have it made, then spend another $10 on the marketing for that one item. So Jim spent $20 to make $50!

I dont know about you but i would be mortgaging my home and getting loans to pay my marketing company.

This is just one example of what marketing your business professionally and proficiently..Yes we know this… 🙂

Contact us today to get more information on how we can help your business grow on line while branding your company at the same time.
Everyone wins when you choose the right company to market your business.

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