RSS References – Understanding RSS

RSS References – Understanding RSS

Doorway To The World Of Rss
Doorway To The World Of Rss

I have so many people ask me about RSS

Automagically Update everything with 1 Click you say?

I decided to shed some light on the RSS subject.

RSS (“Really Simple Syndication” but sometimes “Rich Site Summary”) is probably the most important aspect for promoting your site.

It can be used many different ways.

You can “embed” or “include” many different types media as shown in this example – RSS References from W3C Schools

You can use tools to “crawl” your static website and create rss feeds on the fly…pretty cool ha?

This is the best one i found.
Create RSS Feeds for Any static or dynamic Web Page or the entire web site.

These feeds can be submitted to Google Base, Facebook, any widget, wordpress etc…And be Displayed on the page.

Whats great about this is the “set it and forget it” type of syndication. It updates automagically each time a page, post or item is added or updated saving you a whole lot of time to do other important things like run your business.

In the top of your browser click the orange square that looks like this RSS up by the URL to the right.

If you click this button ( assuming your using Internet explorer 8 or Firefox) you can read or subscribe the feed to appear in your favorite home page.

You may also want to ad your “buy it now” button in your feed so people can shop for your products on another website and be redirected to your website when a product is clicked. Again when your products are updated so is your feed automagically.

I hope i shed some light on just how important RSS is for your website, what RSS is, and what RSS can do.

Oh….WordPress Has 100% RSS Syndication! FREE

Please leave your comments below about RSS Feeds

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Ecommerce and WordPress

Ecommerce and Wordpress

Why Are People Using Ecommerce and WordPress Together?

Is WordPress the best platform to use for Ecommerce….?Star

Well the poles say not too good for the new e-commerce plugin for WordPress …so we installed an e-commerce WordPress site here…lets see if you like it? we did…..

Click here to see the demo

In checking this platform out…i find it to be stable and easy for a customer to ad products.

Yet the ease of installation was surprising, im sure with some tweaking this plugin together with wordpress could be a very good platform for selling e-books and simple items…

Larger shops should go with oscommerce.

But wordpress ecommerce does impress me. we will see what the future holds…

I had some time time to fiddle with this and added another product but i found that even tho the images were in the right place on the server the images didn’t pull up when clicked….strange …. i haven’t found the cause for this as i did check the chmod on the folder and its at 755 which is correct. hmmmmmmmm anyone have an idea?

The other thing is i installed the default WordPress theme and it seems to be displaying the products better than the theme that’s recommended for the plugin…..another strange happening…

please leave your comments below…

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