2018 Social Networking Services for Business

2018 is Here and Social Networking Services for Business is a must!

2018 the year of Social Networking Services for Business. Now with 800+ million active users on social networks in the world, your business is missing out on allot of business.
Facebook Marketing
Let me explain why you need a professional marketing team to handle all your social networks and keep your customers engaged with your services or products so you have more time to run your business.

But who needs Social Networking Services for Business? YOU DO!

The need for this service is without question one of the most important moves you can make as a small business owner.
Having a high ranking website is just not enough any more. now in 2015 social networking is everywhere and if your company isn’t engaging in it then your missing out of potential sales and returning customers for repeat business.

There are allot of companies offering this service but few have the experience or the writing skills to keep coming up with fresh content for your business online.
When Hiring a company to represent your business on line make sure that have a long track record of successful social networking campaigns.

Bottom line is, if your looking for fresh content and professional setup for your social networks please get in touch with us. You can get more information about our Social Networking Packages here.

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5 Ways to use Social Media to Increase Your Pagerank

5 ways to getting your sites page rank high with Google and on the first page of search results using social media. A critical part of SEO!

5 Ways to use Social Media to Increase Your Pagerank

Here i explain 5 ways to getting your sites Pagerank high with Google and on the first page of search results using social media marketing.

Remember, your Pagerank is a critical part of your websites SEO and has to be done right to be affective.
With Google’s algorithms changing 100s of times a year. However, the factor in determining Google’s rankings can be confusing, That’s where you need an expert!.

If you can imagine Google as big dumb search engine, counting the links and likes from all over the web (Paid or unpaid). Google gives more weighting for likes and shares from authoritative and relevant websites and social networking pages.

Unfortunately, there are no quick way to provide your website with more links or get your site to show up on the first page of a Google search. Here are 5 ways that can help speed up the process.

Sow how exactly does this work you ask?
Well the truth is, its not simple and if done incorrectly can ruin Pagerank as much as it can help it, so lets begin.

1. Get testimonials/Reviews From Customers
Write to all your customers and ask them to write a review on your products and/or services. Use a list of all the businesses that you have helped and have them leave a review on your social networks like a Facebook Page or retweet on Twitter. Your company should also offer a page for reviews/testimonials, if you dont have one in place, contact us and we will be happy to set one up on your website.
2. Offer Specials and Discounts Every Month.
Everyone loves a discount on services. Offering a discount and adding it to your social networks will surely get a buyers attention. I have used this technique to offer special discounts to receive a great amount of links from social networks and other authoritative websites.
3. Wikipedia Links Back To Your Website
What’s the most searched for site for content? Yes, it Wikipedia!
Wikipedia is an on-line Encyclopedia that contains the most searched for things in the world.
But dont write encyclopedic entries on your own. We have been editing Wikipedia for over 10 years now and have gotten proficient at writing the code Wikipedia uses.
We use keywords and write articles on our customers niche that rank very high for keywords and get tens of thousands of hits a month! WARNING: Don’t try this at home, have a professional do it for you.
4. Reviews and sharing on Facebook Pages and Facebook Fan Pages
When it comes to the king of social networks, Facebook is it hands down! But, some rules apply when marketing your products and services on this giant of social media.
I have seen many people and companies banned for charring too much content too fast (and get suspended), and other fail buy not doing it enough.
There is a fine line to what Facebook will consider acceptable and just flat out SPAM! Making too many friends too fast will land you in the same place! Suspended!
Better to let a professional that knows the Terms Of Service and knows how to work network marketing on Facebook to increase that Pagerank safely.
5. Write Guest Posts that Improves Your Search Engine Rankings
This is probably the best way to go! To do this, simply write some guest posts about things that are highly relevant to the posts that you are linking back to.
NOTE: A link from a high PR site is more valuable than a link from a low PR site, and this includes Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn and Google+.
Remember, Google’s use of back-links from social networks to rank a website has to be done with skill. Be careful who you hire!
First, most people telling you “I can rank your website higher” will provide you with zillions of links.
These companies set up thousands of sites for the sole purpose of linking to their clients with no real quality or same niche, this is BAD.
Second, to fix this, Google has ignored links from these “link networks” as well as penalizing the customers that pay them for a linking service.

Its possible to totally ruin Pagerank this way, even if you had no intention of buying links. For example, if you are not careful, and have hired a search engine optimisation (“SEO”) company to improve your site’s SEO on Google, and they use a linking network that has a lower Pagerank than you, your site may inadvertently get a lower Pagerank then before you started.

Improving all these, will lead to an increase in better customer engagement, better rank and more traffic to your website.

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Social Media Marketing – Complete Social Marketing Guide

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing guide
We have all heard the term but what is the best way to go about marketing my business using social media?
What social websites can i use that will be most effective for branding my business?

If your looking for branding and marketing your business, the best way is to sign up and use these social media websites listed below:

And many others
Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic and help brand your business using popular social media sites.
Social media marketing campaigns must be a daily routine for any business that wants to succeed in today’s tough economy.
If your not signed up on these networks mentioned above then your business will surely suffer.
And not knowing the rules of social media engagement might land your business dead in the water as far as “Spam” or simply not staying active. This is where USA marketing Business comes in.
We have 17+ years of experience in this kind of marketing for small and large business and we get results FAST!
Contact Us Below to get started today!
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Who Is The Best Marketing Agency For You?

Choosing the best marketing agency could be the making or the breaking of a small business, so you should choose wisely. Choose the best marketing agency for you?

Choosing a marketing agency could be the making or the breaking of a small business, so you should choose wisely.
It doesn’t matter how good your product it, if no one knows that you exist, no one can be your customer. We all start with a product or service, and make it the best that it can possibly be, and put all of our effort and ingenuity into perfecting it. Then, we need business in order to survive.

The market is a test for your product, but it’s only an accurate test if it’s given proper exposure. That’s why putting your product in the right places is crucial. That means going to where your clients are and these days, that means taking your message to the web. In terms of marketing, that’s a whole new ball game, and you should choose a company that specialises in web advertising and marketing, and knows the landscape of internet marketing. A company like Optimising specialises in SEO and SEM; marketing to search engine users, which is one important component of web marketing.
It’s also crucial to choose a company that you think understands your brand, and will do favours to your brand.

That is how you get a return on your investment with your marketing dollar, and how you can keep getting returns for many years to come, because marketing and advertising can have deep and long-term consequences. So, if you’re outsourcing your marketing, make a careful decision!

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5 Ways To Choose Professional Internet Marketers

Our track record and over 17 years in the internet marketing business has taught us a thing or too. And we want to share it with you!

We know Choosing Professional Marketers is tough! USA Marketing Business can help your business get seen and by millions and stay connected!

Choosing Professional Marketers is the key

Choosing Professional Marketers is the key to high ROI!

If you are a start-up business or a large corporation, we can easily walk you through the simple process of getting online and create a marketing and SEO strategy that meets your goals and most importantly within your budget.
Our track record of over 17 years in the internet marketing business has taught us a thing or too. And we want to share it with you to avoid headaches later!

1. Never hire a marketing company that does not have a website!
I know this sounds crazy but a lot of marketing is being sent via email as spam. If you ask for a website and they don’t have one, or they have a “Free Domain Service” of have an email address like 4565th87456@gmail.com beware!

2. Do a search for the name of the marketing company and look for reviews
Good or bad reviews? Complaints? SPAM posts in blogs? or nothing at all? find out via Google Search before hiring someone.

3. Don’t be fooled by false promises of getting you #1 on Google Guaranteed
Common sense says this is just not true and cant be “Guaranteed”! False Claims is a sign there is something wrong. A realistic claim is “Guaranteed to get you on the first 3 pages of search” is a much more realistic and obtainable goal.

4. Use Common Sense
This is the simplest of steps that often seems to be overlooked. If it seems too good to be true, then 99% of the time it is.

5. Does their website rank high?
Ok this may sound stupidly simple but, An SEO or Marketing company that wants to work on your website but cant rank high for their own website cannot be trusted period.

So do a little research before you hire a company to market your business.

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