Ecommerce and WordPress

Ecommerce and Wordpress

Why Are People Using Ecommerce and WordPress Together?

Is WordPress the best platform to use for Ecommerce….?Star

Well the poles say not too good for the new e-commerce plugin for WordPress …so we installed an e-commerce WordPress site here…lets see if you like it? we did…..

Click here to see the demo

In checking this platform out…i find it to be stable and easy for a customer to ad products.

Yet the ease of installation was surprising, im sure with some tweaking this plugin together with wordpress could be a very good platform for selling e-books and simple items…

Larger shops should go with oscommerce.

But wordpress ecommerce does impress me. we will see what the future holds…

I had some time time to fiddle with this and added another product but i found that even tho the images were in the right place on the server the images didn’t pull up when clicked….strange …. i haven’t found the cause for this as i did check the chmod on the folder and its at 755 which is correct. hmmmmmmmm anyone have an idea?

The other thing is i installed the default WordPress theme and it seems to be displaying the products better than the theme that’s recommended for the plugin…..another strange happening…

please leave your comments below…

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